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End of union conflict against Santander Bank, Isban and Panel Sistemas

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The fired worker and the companies reach an agreement before the trial for the wrongful dismissal. The agreement consists of the payment of an indemnification of 150 days of salary per worked year. The CNT-AIT union section in Isban and Panel Sistemas is disolved, as there are no more union members working for the companies.

Our comrade worked for Isban-Santander Bank for one year, and one year and a half more for Panel Sistemas, so receives some more than one year’s salary. The legal compensation for unfair dismissal in Spain is 33 days of salary per worked year.

At the same time, we obtain the guarantee that the company won’t start legal action or any other against comrades who took part in solidarity supportive actions for the conflict.

The decision to accept the company’s offer was taken by the fired comrade, who moved to another location after the dismissal.

We don’t consider this agreement as a victory, because our goals were the direct hiring by Isban-Santander Bank, and later, the reinstatement. But we are proud that it has been achieved by pressure exerted by direct action.

We also believe that the conflict has helped to spread our way of working based on solidarity and has shown that the IWA is a powerful tool to fight multinational corporations.

There were solidarity actions in up to 15 different countries (Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and the United States of America).

In Spain we know of actions in dozens of locations (Albacete, Alcorcón, Alicante, Almendralejo, Aranda de Duero, Aranjuez, Arnedo, Ávila, Barcelona, Boadilla del Monte, Boñar, Burgos, Cádiz, Camp de Morvedre, Candás, Chinchilla de Montearagón, Ciudad Rodrigo, Donostia, Elx, Gijón, Granada, Guadalajara, Huesca, Iruña, Jerez, La Bañeza, Lasarte-Oria, León, Madrid, Mérida, Miranda de Ebro, Motril, Ontinyent, Oviedo, Pilar de la Horadada, Pineda de Mar, Pontevedra, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Rivas, Sagunt, Salamanca, San Pedro del Pinatar, Santa Perpetua, Santander, Tarragona, Toledo, Villar, Vigo, Zaragoza).

We want to thank heartily all the comrades who have supported us and reaffirm our solidarity commitment with them. We have an organization with a modest number of militants, but we are capable of the greatest achievements thanks to a bunch of anarcho-syndicalist fighters. Let’s keep on growing!


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