Panel Sistemas fires the worker who denounced illegal trafficking of staff from the company to Isban-Santander Bank

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CNT-AIT union delegate dismissed from Isban is now sent to unemployment after 6 months of harassment in Panel Sistemas. The call for International boycott against Santander Bank, Isban and Panel Sistemas remains on Thursday March 6th.

The company presents the dismissal as “objective due to causes of production” without mentioning the trade union activity in Isban and Panel Sistemas offices, the three complaints to the labor inspectorate, the lawsuits against Isban and Panel Sistemas or the six months of harassment suffered as a result of the establishment of the anarcho-syndicalist section.

The last days of coordinated actions were impressive and showed the possibilities of the International Workers Associarion. The Union of Telecommunications and IT Services of the CNT-AIT in Madrid would like to thank everybody for the solidarity that the comrades of the IWA have showed since the beginning of this conflict against Santander Bank, Isban and Panel Sistemas.

Our assembly has decided to ask for international solidarity again, to have another day of actions against Santander Bank, Isban and Panel Sistemas on Thursday, March 6th.

In August 2013, the CNT-AIT section in Isban publically denounced illegal trafficking of staff from Panel Sistemas to Isban, IT services company owned by the Santander group.

This provokes the concealed dismissal of the union delegate, precarious worker illegally outsourced, wich is trasferred from Isban to the “meat trader” company Panel Sistemas. He suffers since then harrasment from the board to force him to resign from job and abandon his fight for labor rights.

Revolutionary unions federated in the International Workers Association, have responded to the attack, demanding the reinstatement in Isban-Banco Santander of the dismissed worker where the multinational has its headquarters. Conflict has been spread worlwide in 12 different languages.

Isban has a network of companies, “meat traders”, that provide cheap and precarious labour force for Banco Santander. It has more than 10,000 workers illegally outsourced from other companies, who can be fired at any minute without cost since they are not considered the bank’s own employees.

Panel Sistemas is one of dozens companies making profits of illegal outsurcing for big “clients” engaged on massive steady job destruction such as Isban.

Workers are afraid they would be fired at the slightest protest, which causes them to accept surreal working hours, overtime and obligatory transfers, working schedules on behalf of the company, employment categories and salaries below the work performed

Hundreds of irregular dismissals in the Santander group have mainly hit the most unprotected workers, with complicity of the government and yellow unions. Meanwhile, Santander group’s net profit has risen up to 4,370,000,000 euros in 2013, almost doubling that of 2012.

Emilio Botín, Rodrigo Rato, Alfredo Sáenz, Jose María Amusátegui, and other high rank executives in Banco Santander have been accused of crimes before and even found guilty in first instances. But there has never been justice, thanks to legal chicanery such as famous “doctrina Botín”.

Some of their most known outrages include continued tax evasion, irregular purchasing of banks such as Banesto or Totta and the collapse and later bailout of Bankia, multi-million severance packages for managers, the case of the Swiss bank accounts of the Botín family, sale of junk mortgages and assets, evictions and real estate speculation, charging of abusive interest rates, shady dealing with universities, participation in arms companies or in financial management of the terrible penitenciary system. A long list of crimes unpunished to date.

We will not shut up or resign ourselves. While there is exploitation and inequality we will stand up, united peers without subsidies or leaders. Fighting for our dignity and emancipation. Towards Social Revolution.


Sección sindical en Isban

Sindicato de Telecomunicaciones y Servicios Informáticos
CNT-AIT Madrid